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We at HICM Institute will help your FINANCIAL PLANNING JOURNEY SIMPLIFIED. You can be sure of that! Our certified financial planners focus on providing you with a personalized financial plan as per your financial goals


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To invest in the mutual funds and allocation of capital, you need adequate knowledge and experience to understand market dynamics to maximise returns on your portfolio. Even though you are an experienced investor, you can still make mistakes. At HICM Institute we will assist you with our expertise in finding right mutual funds which can help you for fulfilling your dreams

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Before entering in mutual funds investments first you should learn. Book a financial advisor and take proper guidance

portfolios need to be constructed with care and a keen eye for analysing risk, profit potential and diversification per your investment objectives. Our mutual fund advisors come with the experience and intuition needed for picking out the right stock opportunities and constructing the ideal portfolios for their clients

No, there is no compulsion to consult an advisor for mutual funds investments . However, it is always wise to seek such advisory services as they can allow for better profits without having to take on much risk.

Before entering in mutual funds investments first you should learn. Book a financial advisor and take proper guidance

Our advisor offers valuable insights as they analyse the market in detail and know when you enter and exit the investments.

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Build investment portfolio

As an investor, you should diversify your portfolio to minimise risk. However, often individual investors make single investment choices in an asset class, which increases their risk exposure.

Our mutual funds advisors with a keen eye for analysing risk and your investment objectives help you build a concrete portfolio that will earn maximum returns.


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Success in mutual fund investments cannot be achieved by guess. It is using scientific tools, preparing models, buying right asset class with proper entry and exit

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we work with various companies accross the globe

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our teachers are well experienced with practical knowledge

risk and return

we will help you in preparing various models to know your risk & return

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we have both online and offline sessions available for you

Manage your mutual funds investments

We have the time-tested investment styles to find the best investment strategy according to your financial goals and per your risk appetite investment options will be suggested

Explore investment portfolios

Discover investment portfolios that are designed for maximum returns at low risk

Reaserch backed

Our highly-awarded and experienced team of global leaders select the best portfolio bundles for every person

smart journey

start your smart investment journey with HICM Institute,


Want to invest your money but not sure where?

We have a slew of thoughts to help you understand investing better and make an informed decision on how to make the most of your money.

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our teachers are well trained and can help to manage your investment portfolio


Portfolio re-balanced in real time


Is your investment portfolio healthy with the right mix of risk and return?


Generate portfolio instantly with the flexibility to alter the portfolio mix


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