Global Career Counselling & Student Welfare Centre

HICM Institute

Student Welfare Office

The Student Welfare Office provides a platform for students to exhibit their skills and talents. It is a forum, where through the mode of cultural activities, like-minded people meet each other, exchange ideas and develop into better human beings. SWO conducts programs like DARPAN, BLOSSOMS and INBLOOM to identify and nurture talents and provide a platform for members to develop leadership skills
In-bloom, a national level inter-Institute cultural fest and Blossoms, an inter-deanery cultural fest conducted in the even semester, provide students an opportunity to exhibit their skills and talents and help students to develop leadership and management skills
The student welfare office is divided into 5 wings namely

(1). Institute Volunteer body
(2). Institute Cultural Team
(3). Institute Choir Team
(4). Natyarpana – Institute Dance Team
(5). Institute Quiz Association (CUQA)

Students interested in any of the above mentioned activities can be a part of SWO. They are given training in various disciplines, to help them function effectively. The volunteers assist in organizing various events right from Inauguration to Graduation Day and form the “back-bone” of the Institute. The cultural team, participates in numerous fests, bringing many laurels and are literally the “face” of the Institute.