Robot Trading

  • Why Algo trading with HICM
  • ZERO API Charges to our Clients.
  • Trade using Amibroker Charts in Milli Second (In Trading , Saving Time is Like Saving Money)
  • All order Accepted – MARKET BUY/SELL , STOP LOSS BUY/SELL
  • Exchange Approved Algo Norms ( Avoid False Practices which links ODIN/NOW with Amibroker .APIs are 100% legal, you can find all big brokers advising APIs on their website )
  • Place orders ’30 times faster’. In terminal it takes approx 3 seconds to place order, in API it takes only approx 100 millisecond.
  • Get 10 Times More Stability (In terminal there are many issues like many irritating Popups, keeping stock in watchlist, reconnect on internet disconnection and many more. API Trading is independent of such troubles)
  • Don’t Miss Any order . (2 out of 10 orders always get missed in old traditional Method of punching order)

Note: Those who are not using our D-Mat Services,There is Fixed Charges of API key which clients need to pay to there Respective Broker.

 (1) Zerodha Charges Fixed ₹2000/Month 

(2) Upstox Charges Fixed ₹800/Month. This API Charges are need to be paid by Clients directly to his/her Respective Broker. API key Charges is totally free for HICM D-MAT & Amibroker Clients.

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